Colour Variation

Colour variation can occur when the composition, or the make-up, of the glass varies during the manufacturing process.  

The two main types of glass we use for splashbacks are clear float and low iron.

Clear float glass is made up of 3 main components: sand, soda and lime, and has an inherent green tinge. This is due to the iron content in the sand.

Low Iron glass contains approximately one quarter of the iron content than clear float glass, making it ideal for matching specific paint colours.

However, during the manufacturing process variation can occur in the batch (the mix of raw materials) allowing for slight differences in the glass make-up.  

We expect each colour sample we produce to match the finished product, though sometimes colour difference can occur.

Should this occur we allow a colour variation of up to 15% before we will re-formulate the colour to accommodate for the glass composition.